In the beginning

I know this post might be a little confusing at first but read it through and give it some thought, you might just be amazed by what you find.

Ok lets check out the beginning of the book. I think it is safe to say that most everyone has at least a small understanding of the creation story. You know, in the beginning was God, he took six days to create everything, and then on the 7th day he took a break and rested. This is a topic of great debate because of question regarding the story and evolution. However, today let's look at this story a different way, let's not get into the details of the story. If you like I can discuss some of the topics regarding the details of the story and evolution in other posts, just let me know by commenting.
Here we go the creation story, let's think about what the purpose is of the entire story. The whole story is about God creating beings, things that truly exist in and of themselves. The whole purpose is for God to create humans, however, to create human beings to actually be "beings" and not puppets or robots or anything like that God had to do a lot of work. We may have to really think outside of the box to understand this but when we get it, it is amazing. Ok, for God to create humans, real beings who have the ability to make choices and live with the consequences and rewards of their choices, God had to create a time and space for them to live in. So then God create a time and space, he created the universe, he created light, water, land, vegetation, and all types of animals (birds, fish, lizards, mammals, etc.). He created a time and space that human beings could live in, survive in, and take care of, whether or not they chose to acknowledge him. We know that he created all these things for the human beings sake because in the story (Genesis chapter 1) God makes humans in his image and puts humans in charge of all creation.
So, maybe the creation story is actually about how God made human beings to be able to live and survive and make their own choices regardless on whether they acknowledge or believe in God. If this is true, that God created us and we have the ability to make choices and write our own history instead of making us robots or puppets, then life takes on a whole new meaning. It means that every choice I make is part of the entire story of life that God is allowing us to take part in and help write. I still believe God is in control and he can do anything he wants at any time, I also know that I have the freedom to make my choices and God does not make me make any choices.
That means every choice I make has an impact in how the story that began in Genesis 1 unfolds. We are all participants in a great story and we actually get to choose how our part of the story is written. It is like this, think about it like a reality show (American Idol for example) there are producers who run the show but Idol contestants actually write the story of American Idol based upon their performance. You and I my friend get to perform everyday, we get to live, we get to make decisions that effect our lives and the lives of others around us. Whether or not we admitted we are participating in writhing the story of eternity and we each have an enormous responsibility, our lives do matter, our actions do matter, our choices do matter. Don't they?
So how will your story be written? What contributions will you make to this amazing story that is continuing to unfold? Do you realize that you do actually get to write your story, what will you do with that power?

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