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Love Continued

In the last post I discussed the second greatest commandment to love others. Today I wanted to take a moment to discuss the greatest commandment which is to love God. How do we love God?
In the first few verses of Romans chapter 12 this topic is discussed. The verses basically say that since God (Jesus) offered himself as a sacrifice for all people so all people can have a relationship with God that we should offer ourselves back to God. The actual words are, "offer your bodies as a living sacrifice." What in the world does that mean? Think about it this way, if someone does something nice for me or my family, we might get that person a thank you card or gift certificate to starbucks or something like that. Or in essence because of their kind gesture I would offer them a gift certificate. So the thought is, if we are a follow or Jesus and believe that he offered his life for us then what do we offer to him in return. The passage says to offer ourselves as a living sacrifice. To offer my life to God, not just a thing in my life. To offer to him my life and all the things I do, I do for him, not just some time on Sunday morning or a little bit of my money or some of my time helping out, but I give him who I am. Or I commit my entire life to God. This is difficult because the easy thing would be to just give a certain thing or time commitment. However, this is what we are told is our spiritual act of worship, or this is how we show God we love him.
Here is the really cool part for us. If we do offer ourselves to God to show him that we love him then in Romans 12:2 it says something will happen to us. By offering our entire lives to God we will then begin trying to make right decisions and treat people the right way, and as a result we will be changed. We will begin thinking like God wants us to think, and doing what God wants us to do, and saying what God wants to say. Our minds will then be transformed to focus on God's desires and as a result we will be able to know and understand God's will for our lives.
Have you ever known someone who claimed to be a follow of Jesus that was just really different. They were just nice all the time, they were confident in themselves and not insecure, they seem to focus on the good things in life that were happening all around them, they really cared about you as a person, and they did not worry about the things that were out of their control. Here is the key to that persons life; they understand the sacrifice God made and as a result commit themselves to love God and love others. What do you believe and how does that affect how you live? How you live shows everyone around you what you believe?
If you do not believe in Jesus, that's ok we will continue to talk about it and see what truths we can find together and as we do see how it changes all o us.

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