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The Kingdom of Heaven

Jesus' message over and over again is the kingdom of Heaven is at hand. As he sends out the 12 in Matthew 10 he tells them to preach the message that the kingdom of Heaven is at hand. I wonder, where is the kingdom of heaven in our world today? Jesus said it was at hand 2000 years ago yet it seems hard to see and something no one speaks about today. So the question must be ask, is the kingdom at hand, and what does that mean? I will be diving into this topic among others in the coming weeks and I hope you will discuss this with me. One key we can grab from Matthew 10 is what Jesus sends the 12 to do when he gives them this interesting message to share. He tells them to go, share this message and perform miracles. The kingdom is near, heal the sick, raise the dead, cleans the lepers, and cast out demons. What does that have to do with the kingdom, well where the kingdom is, miracles occur. It is still true today although we do not regularly see the dead being raised and so on. When you encounter the kingdom of God, miracles still occur. Lives are changed, hope is found, peace is felt, families are mended, forgiveness occurs. These are miracles in our world are they not. If you think they aren't then watch the news tomorrow and see where these things are being reported. They aren't. The kingdom is still near and is present as those of you who have encountered the king and his kingdom know. How can we show those who have not encountered the king and his kingdom that his kingdom is near? That is our challenge and it begins with love. Love we will see in the coming days is where the kingdom begins and ends. If one claims to know the king and has entered the kingdom but love is not at the center of his/her character then I wonder if he/she ever met the king I met. Unfortunately many in our society today speak about Jesus, claim to know him and follow him, yet the word love would never be used to describe many who make this claim. How can that be possible? Is it possible they have totally missed the message Jesus shared and lived, the one he died for? Sad to say, yes it is very possible, let us not miss the message my friends, the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Have you encountered this kingdom? Have you entered into it? If you have entered the kingdom, if the kingdom is living in you, is it living through you? How?  
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