Shine like stars

I came across this interesting passage today in Philippians 2:14-18 that talks about how we can shine like stars.  Here is the interesting thing about it, you would think it would be this really grand thing we must do, but it just says for us to do everything without complaining or arguing.  OK, well maybe it might be kind of difficult, but can you imagine?  You see the thing is I would really love to shine like a star, not to be like the norm of our culture.  It seems to me like much of our culture, even in the church, is very cynical and negative.  Just look at a news paper, listen to the radio (550 AM), watch the news, or just talk to people regularly.  It could be amazing to be someone that did not complain and argue, that would be so uncommon.  Maybe that is why this passage shares a never ending truth, our culture is just like all cultures before us.  To stand out and shine like a star in the black of the night sky requires being different, and an enormous but simple way we can be different is by not complaining or arguing. 

I'll admit it, I'm a complainer so this will be especially difficult for me, but just like verses 12 & 13 say that since I have committed my life to Jesus and follow him I have so much to be thankful for.  One of those things is that God is working in me and through me so that if I am obedient I might fulfill his purpose for my life.  To me, that is something I want everyone I meet to experience and if I can be a part of them experiencing God and finding their purpose in life by not complaining and argue then I will give it a good try.  Will we mess up along the way from time to time?  probably.  However, what would it mean to shine like a star and show someone else that God is good and he is doing something good in our lives?  To me, it would be worth holding my tongue when I am angry or frustrated.  The truth is there is always something to complain about and something to argue about, but the opposite is also true.

 Will you join me today in making this effort to shine like stars by not complaining and arguing?  Maybe one person will look into the world that seems so dark and cold, but this time maybe they will see a bright beautiful light, and maybe you will be that light.  I hope I will be and I hope you will be too.  If your world seems dark and cold today, please comment and share, I will not post it for everyone to see but I will share my life with you and just maybe it will brighten and warm up yours.

  1. Anonymous
    June 13, 2006 at 3:26 pm

    This message really hits home for me today. I have been making a conscience effort already to do this. So, this encourages me. I did not recall that passage, but now I will remember it when I am tempted to complain. One of the things I have noticed I complain about is when I don’t feel good, am tired, or something is bothering me, for instance my back. No one wants to hear “oh, my back hurts so bad” or ” I am so tired!!” So I am trying to just keep my mouth shut. I don’t like to hear people complain all the time, and I want people to think I am pleasant to be around. Also, I have found that when I am not talking about it, I am not thinking about it, and then it’s actually not so bad. Just get over it! Another thing I have found myself complaining about are family issues. You know what, we all have them. When we are complaining, that is what we are focusing on, and it’s exhausting. We can’t “fix” other people. I don’t want to dwell on the bad things, I want to dwell on the good things. I don’t want to be like a spoiled child, I want to be a grateful one. God has blessed me with so much.

  2. June 13, 2006 at 3:42 pm

    That is a great comment, thank you for being so honest. It really is true isn’t it that when we stop complaining we tend to stop thinking about our problems and our problems end up not being such a big deal. Thank you for your words, we can do this.

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