Are you sleeping

I have been wondering, thinking, and reflecting on something a lot lately. It seems to me that the souls of so many I come in contact with are in some sort of deep sleep, coma, or maybe even death.

In John 5:17: Jesus says, “My father is always at his work to this very day, and I too am working.”

I know God is always at work and at work all around, and it seems to me that the main thing He would be working on is waking up those who are in that deep sleep, coma, or even dead. I am beginning to see it and recognize it all around me much more often but then I wonder. How is it that God is working? What is He using?

Maybe it is that he is using me and you and other people in your life, maybe he really is always at work, but we are sleeping. Maybe those who are in the greatest need of God find their souls dead on the table awaiting someone to perform CPR or use those cardiovascular paddles on them and bring their soul to life again. Maybe they are in desperate need for someone to share a love and life with them that will truly bring their soul to life, but maybe we are sleeping.

Maybe we find ourselves to often like the annoying spouse who is snoring out of control in a deep sleep that only a bright light, a loud sound, or a sharp nudge could awake them from. Maybe our souls are alive, but have fallen asleep and we desperately need someone something to wake us up again. Maybe our souls are alive but we are asleep because we continue to medicate ourselves with other things so we can stay asleep. Maybe my friends, it is time to wake up, maybe as 1 John says Jesus is light and He is shining today to awaken your soul again. Maybe your soul will awaken and light up the room around you, waking up others whose soul is asleep, and maybe our friends souls can be brought back to life today.

Are you sleeping? WAKE UP! You are needed, your soul is not really tired, it is a lie. WAKE UP! Open your eyes and look around at the world that is dying while we sleep. WAKE UP! You have the light in you, the love, the life that is need to perform CPR on those who are dead.

Are you sleeping, is your soul asleep? Awaken your soul today to the life, to the love, to the beauty of our God. Look around and see that God is always at work. How can you be apart of what he is doing.

Are you sleeping?

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