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A purpose of the Kingdom

It seems to me that people spend much time discussing what Christian or follower of Jesus is suppose to be or not be. Which I guess would make some sense. The people of God, or members of the kingdom of God do, in scripture, have some clear purposes. I will discuss some of these in coming blogs, and look at one today.

1 Kings 10:9-10 “May the Lord your God be praised! he delighted in you and put you on the throne of Israel, because of the Lord’s eternal love for Israel. He has make you king to carry out justice and righteousness.”

Here is an enormous part of what it means to be a member of the kingdom or God or follower of Jesus. We are to carry out justice and righteousness in the world. Do most of the people you know that claim to be followers of Jesus carry out justice and righteousness?

Well to carry up justice is to uphold what is just or right, quite practically it is to stand up for the things that are right or righteousness. Righteousness is to actually live without guilt or sin, so to carry out righteousness is to actually live as a person who has been made new or redeemed by Jesus. Living a life in line with God’s way of living.

Justice, however, is not the same as righteousness, justice is actually standing up for a right way of living. See many people pursue a right way of living, but refuse to stand up for that right way of living. Others attempt to stand up for a right way of living, but do not actually life rightly with God. In my experience, very few actually pursue both.

Now this is only a possibility if we have actually become a follower of Jesus, believing in faith and committing ourselves to him as the Lord he actually is.

Do people in the world we live in view Christians as hypocrites because they do not pursue both justice and righteousness?
What does someone who pursues both look like?
If God accepts us as members in his kingdom, should we live as a representative of that Kingdom?
Do I stand up for righteousness or just silently try to pursue righteousness?
Do I pursue righteousness or just stand up for it?
What would happen if the members of the kingdom began living as a representative of the Kingdom?

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