First One Back

As I reflect on my past day now that it is into the wee hours of night I find myself some what giddy with my God and the life He has given me and annoyed with much of the religious leadership or our day. Please understand, I think this is a righteous annoyance and probably mostly comes as a result of me still (and I cannot stress enough the still) in seminary. However, I continue come across many “religious leaders” and I am speaking about Christians primarily who are not willing to truly wrestle through their life in their pursuit of God. This breaks my heart and is disheartening because so many people who are looking at these people are being hurt and led astray in the process.

I like to read Ezekiel 34 from time to time; it is a very special passage of scripture to me. If you go and read it you might think I am weird because it is not the normal type of passage someone talks about being a special passage, but for me it is. For me I see in it so much of the leadership in today’s church and I see the same scenario being played out. We are missing the point, we are not caring for and truly leading the sheep and it is because we are not pursuing God as we should as leaders. This is a special passage for me because it is one that challenges me, and one that God is calling me to embrace. God has called me to be a shepherd and right now a shepherd of students and their families, and I take that very seriously. I want to wrestle with and pursue God with everything I have, to walk with Him each day. I want to lead people to the place of giddiness that I am experiencing right now with Him. I am giddy because as I pursue God I see Him changing everything for me, my heart, my perspective, my hope, my home, my family, my friends, my students, my ministry, my street because He is a God of redemption of restoration and I am seeing that all around me.

Through this blog you can in a way come into my life, you can interact with my thoughts and emotions, and I challenge you to come in, I hope you see Jesus here. You may have been hurt by spiritual leaders or led astray in the past, but here I ask you to be vulnerable one more time. If that is you I am sorry for your pain, and if not I ask the same from you, if you are in need then I challenge you to wrestle with God and watch Him restore you and refine you as He is me. Will you join me, will you dare to come in.

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