How I Approach the World

I am adding some things I recently did for school. This how I would answer the following questions which have to do with our worldviews, or how we would approach and interact within the world. This is how I personally would answer, I will also add a post how I believe the average American would answer.

a) How do we find happiness?
b) How do we find wholeness?
c) What goals are really worthy of pursuing?
d) What is life “for”?

Obviously these are all simply my opinions and some of the things have only a slight distinction between them.

a) In my life I have found happiness in the “working out of my salvation” as the New Testament says. The bible speaks much of joy and I do believe that you find happiness within joy although I understand joy and happiness to mean different things most of the time. However, in being a follower of Jesus and allowing the Spirit to live in me and through me I find my life filled with happiness. Salvation does not bring on going happiness but as we experience grace from God and the spirit in our lives that should cause that salvation/grace to work in and out of us in many ways. I would not say happiness is found in evangelism, discipleship, worship services, etc. although happiness can occur through those experiences at times, but so can disappointment, irritation, etc. Happiness is as our whole lives are completely, radically changed because of the salvation we have come to know in Jesus then works in through and out of our entire lives. To many times we try to categorize our faith into areas of our lives and that would be my fear of saying, “Worship services bring happiness”. To holistically living as a follower of Jesus brings a life full of happiness.

b) Wholeness, now many will debate about this but simply wholeness to me is found only in Christ. The wholeness I receive is the identity God gives me as he changes me from enemy to child. There is nothing I can do to feel whole, that is what other worldviews attempt and fail at. Wholeness is found in my identity and my identity is given to my by grace alone and is found completely in Him. The better my understanding of what it means to be a child of God the more my identity is secure in Him and the more complete I feel.

c) Goals are something attainable and measurable and as such my goals would be attainable measurable goals for the purpose of expanding the kingdom in my soul and in the world. Goals I can pursue is to demonstrate Jesus to my family by making time for them in my busy schedule and loving them in Biblical ways that they need to be loved. Build deeper relationships and begin relationships with the people that live on my street and look for opportunities to tell them about Jesus. Spend more time each time studying God’s word and speaking and listening to him in prayer each day. Find however many people to disciple this next year. Find a family to provide Christmas gifts and dinner for. Things like that, these are just a few.

d) In my opinion, as I know this is another topic of much debate, life for me is for the same purpose that Jesus’ life was for. Jesus said He came to glorify the Father. Life is for me to glorify God. Not sure that much else needs to be said about that it is pretty straightforward.

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