My Confession

Over the last year and half I have been convicted many times about a particular area in my life. Over the past year and half I have read, written, and taught less then possibly any other period of my adult life. There are many things I can blame it on, I have been busy as a minister, I have been busy with a young family, I have been too tired, or two lazy, etc. This may all sound silly or ridiculous but for me this is a very real confession. Many times, I have been convicted about allowing myself to be distracted (be it externally or internally) from things that God has called me to do.

I am writing this today and posting it as a way to make my confession known, and be held accountable to the handful of you out there that care. You see I have found that until I am willing to be honest about something with someone else I am not able to be truly honest about it with God and that is my hope today.

God has made me with a passion and drive to learn. I am what many would call a dorky, nerdy learner. There is nothing in the world that gets me going more than learning something new and the only things that even comes close is teaching what I have learned. Coincidently few things cause my soul more anguish than going through a spell light on learning. This is why I make this confession and commitment, as a mode of accountability to be the man God has made me to be and desires me to be. Over the course of my life I have come to accept that God has made me the way I am with a hunger for wisdom because he desires to teach me and for me to share that which he teaches me.

Scripture describes followers of Jesus as being different members (or parts) of one body and as such, we are each uniquely designed and equipped to fulfill our role. We can accept the part we are and allow God to use us for his purpose and for the good of the entire body, or we can choose to deny the entire body and defy his plan. No longer will I participate in denying or defying, but no matter what is going on in life, be it busy, be it exhausting, be I lazy, I will be the part God has made me to be. Please my friends out there in the blogger world hold me accountable on this, if I am not regularly posting what God is teaching me, please hold me accountable. This is my confession, may God help me to turn my confession into a commitment.

  1. Sherrie
    November 18, 2009 at 6:03 am

    I have been there. I will pray for you AND praise God for giving you a hunger to know more of Him and of His word and His truth in the world whatever form that may take.

  2. November 18, 2009 at 7:15 am

    Be courage, friend! God will help you by His graces. I’ll pray for you. GBU!

  3. December 29, 2009 at 12:18 am

    Being disabled and sometimes semi-housebound, I’m forever castigating myself for being “lazy” or otherwise not “working” for the Lord. I struggle constantly with the desire to be doing something more obvious for the Kingdom than I am, but am slowly coming to recognise that scripture mandates that God has laid out a path for me before He even created me, and therefore I don’t need to strive to undertake tasks or work unless He provides them for me to do. However, laziness and apathy, not to mention horrendous selfishness, remain my constant companions and sins that I so wish I could be relieved of. However, God is merciful and He will undertake for you also in those areas you are struggling in – I pray He will uphold you in the midst of your current trials and lead you to a place of stronger discipline in your life. Indeed may He sharpen and hone all of us in areas we struggle in, that we may better serve Him in the Kingdom. Blessings, TKR 🙂

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