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A Day’s Reflection

Today was a unique day in my short life. While it was my last day on staff at my home church it was a day filled with encouragement and support, not sorrow. I thank God for it is only through His calling to begin and plant not to go to another plant that such is truly possible. As we move into this new journey of The Crossing we are continually thankful to be sent out by our home church and only sent down the road. As the events of this morning were unfolding I had the opportunity to reflect on a few things. It was odd really, it flew by like a whirlwind and at the same time it was like my mind was protecting me from the flood of emotions I have been feeling.

As my mind continued to drift to a different place of thought and reflection it was the oddness of my experience at FBC Boerne that really caught me. You see it is extremely uncommon to serve on staff at your home church. It is becoming slightly more common in the past few years as churches are moving (in a healthy way) to an emphasis of proven individuals from within the body and away from seminary grads from other places. However, it is still extremely odd and has been so very beneficial. It has not always been easy as you transition from being student within a ministry to attempting to lead those who were your leaders. For me, it has been amazing. I have grown from a single, just out of college brat, to a husband, and father all with the support of those who have always cared about me the most. Even as I write and consider this, the emotions that my mind prevent this morning flood my eyes. I am far from perfect, and some might even argue rarely do anything right, but I have been privileged to have an amazing group of saints in my corner cheering me and pushing me along. This is by far the hardest part of this transition as I know I will not see those I love greatly as often as I would like, but my hope is that God will make the time, and the assurance that we will have eternity to hang out.

The other thing that has really stuck me is the uniqueness of the ministry God has called me to over the years at FBC. I found a name tag from 8 or so years ago and wore it to lunch. I have been an interim coming right out of college and trying to hold together the thriving ministry that my youth pastor had built with only an occasional clue as to what I was doing. That was actually a great season for me as I was forced to grow up very fast. After that I continued to serve in the student ministry with some other men, still only having a little bit of a clue.

Then after leaving for a few years I came back as an associate to one of my great friends and hopefully was a help to him at least some. Life had changed this time around though as I was now married with two toddlers and I began to see ministry different as a result of this new stage and my season of being a volunteer and working for a radio station. My goal was to help Danny, build leaders, and teach the Bible. My hope is that God allowed me to do all three. Yet, I was still learning and growing and the paradigm for which I understood how to effectively minister to people was changing.

I also had the opportunity to be a part of the Structure Document Revision Committee which put me in a very different situation from my normal student ministry environment. I was surrounded by different people (all great and now good friends) and doing a very different kind of work. As a result of my presence we probably took a few months longer to finish, but my hope is we ended at a place that will benefit the church family. This experience is not one that student ministers normally get, to see the different aspects of the church family and the organizational aspects of the church. The greatest part was the different demographic of individuals I was able to build relationships as a result of that committee. I still find myself regularly saying, “Well according to the Structure Document…” haha.

Through (or maybe despite) all of this I was given the opportunity and challenge to move into a different role as Pastor to Families. This exposed me to an all new area of ministry in the children’s department and the amazing opportunity to minister to families. This move has impacted me profoundly. Not only have I gained unique insight as to how children’s ministry functions and the importance of ministering to children. I received the opportunity to minister to families in areas of parenting, marriage, pre-marriage, finances, etc. This opportunity exposed me to more of the church-wide demographic and also the church-wide leadership. I received a different perspective on the inter-workings of the church and was able to develop new relationships that I very likely would not have had the opportunity to develop otherwise. In addition, during this time my family was able to build strong, life long relationships with some other families that we thank God for each day.

Now, I have the privilege of being sent out by my home church to plant/start a new church in a neighboring community. I look back at my unique experience at FBC and can see how God has been using it (along with the other churches I worked for and the season I did not work for the church) to shape me and give me a better understanding of the church and what God is asking me to join Him in building. FBC has given me the opportunity to not just read books about church, church leadership, etc. and make assumptions and theories from a lack of church-wide exposure. Instead, I have been able to see the inter-workings of just about every area of the church. God has wired me to be a seeker of understanding, a learner, and that natural wiring has aided me in my experience. Never have I been able to sit back and just wonder, I must ask the question, I must go back to get the answer as to why, where does this end, what does this produce, etc. As a result, my unique experience at my home church has been preparing me all along for my next journey.

As I continue to reflect I cannot adequately express my profound thankfulness. Thank you for letting an annoying, question asking kid learn and grow with you. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to lead, especially those of you who lead me at different stages. Thank you for allowing me to learn who God has made me, the gifts and talents He has given and how I can best use them for Him. Thank you for taking the time to allow me to be a part of your lives, to see, to love, to learn, to live with you. Thank you for cheering me along, for encouraging me, for challenging me, for asking the difficult questions, for loving my young family, and most of all for just being you and being there.

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  1. Lori Mosher
    April 13, 2010 at 4:26 pm

    Jason, I continue to be amazed that God has brought our families together to minister, and lead, and teach and serve. I am thankful for the experiences God has given you – not one is wasted. God has been working it all together for what lies ahead. Excited about the Journey! Lori

  2. Judy thompson
    April 13, 2010 at 6:20 pm

    You are so special to our family.I know God is well pleased my faithful brother.We hold you up in prayer and ask God to give you favor with all who come in contact with you.Love you , Judy

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