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Pleasure in the Proverbs – We Need to Connect

As I prepare to preach this Mother’s Day and continue our Connection Series I have been reflecting a lot on relationships and community. The message this Sunday is going to be about Connecting in Family Relationships. Much of what I am going to teach are some of my favorite things to teach about and talk about as I have had the pleasure to cover the topic a lot lately in pre-marriage counseling. Today I came across this verse in Proverbs and thought I would share it with a preview for this Sunday.

Proverbs 18:1 says, “Whoever isolates himself seeks his own desire”

As one who has a real tendency to seek isolation this really jumped out at me especially in light of what I am teaching on Sunday. You see isolation is completely contrary to God and His desires which is why the passage says isolation is seeking our own desire. God by nature, the one true Triune God, is communal, is in relationship. From the very beginning He created humanity in relationship.

Well actually, in Genesis 2 we see that He created Adam the first man, and although Adam was standing with God in His presence God says that it is not good for man to be alone (or without one like himself). In this passage we know that God created man in God’s image, to be on earth, under the laws of creation and a representative for God. Yet, as God looks at Adam there is a noticeable difference that is not good, unlike the Triune God, there was no other like Adam.

Now when you really think about this, it is very fascinating. Adam is standing with God, you know the very think that all civilizations have been striving to achieve from this point on. Yet, Adam is alone. How? How can you be alone when you are with God? Adam was not truly alone, but he was without another like himself. He was isolated from anything equal to Him. God was his superior, Adam was to rule over, protect, and take care of all creation meaning creation was not his equal.

God then makes a helper suitable for Adam, that we know to be the first woman, Eve. Now this comment has been taken out of context in horrible and harmful ways for thousands of years. What was Eve to help Adam with? Was this really all about procreation? Really? After all God could have created any type of way for procreation, why a woman, another like Adam, equal to Adam.

Well that is what we will be discussing on Sunday for Mother’s day, why did God create a family, and why are family relationships at times so difficult? There is a real answer. If you cannot make it on Sunday, check back on my blog on Monday for the answer. It is good, and will help you approach the way you live in relationship with others, especially your family.

For now, lets just understand the truth that isolations leads us to our desires, not God’s. I’ll explain that all too, on Monday.

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